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Hello, I’m Mary!  I’m a wife, a mom, dog lover, a practical minimalist.  I love hiking on a good day with my family.

I’m also graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and casual blogger living in a small town in the Lehigh Valley.

Mary Goes Places is a blog that features photos from local scenes and places I visit.  They are mainly around Lehigh Valley and Bucks County, PA.

I also share posts from our family travels and hiking adventures.

I have a love for small town charm and thus you’ll find quite a few pictures of different main streets and local interests.  Occasionally, you’ll find photographs taken by my husband and our Chihuahuas making cameos at times.

I began this blog to document my adventures with my chihuahua (Pino) but somehow throughout the course of time it evolved into a lifestyle and travel blog.

If you love dogs and adore Chihuahuas, hover over at Happy Tails Blog  and meet our uber cute furbabies!

I hope you’ll love what you see here and follow my adventures by subscribing to my blog!

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