The Waterfalls – Avalanche Lake


The waterfalls found along Avalanche creek are amazing. They are easily some of the best on the entire west side of the park. Sperry Glacier melts all summer long and creates giant waterfalls that cascade down this valley.

The creek then carries all that suspended glacial silt from the glacier to lake McDonald giving the water its turquoise color. Other than the glacial silt, there is little sediment to be found. We were low on water but the temptation to drink this wasn’t strong enough to overcome my fears of getting sick.


Small Canyon Carved by Water. The locals told us that this is much higher
during the spring melt season and that this year they got very little snow so
it was kind of low even for the summer. For us, it still looked like a lot of
water was flowing.


We didn’t expect to be almost out of water during this hike because our assessment of the hike would be easy-medium in terms of hardship.  But definitely, pack more than you think you’re going to drink or have a water bottle with a water filter.

I’ll be sharing the last part of this hike on my next post!  Thanks for reading !!

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