The Many Glacier Valley


The Many Glacier Hotel was built by the Great Northern Railroad.  Very wealthy people would come here under the “See America First” slogan which aimed at getting them to visit this place instead of Europe and the Alps. The Lodges were full of first class patrons being served by hundreds of staff dressed in Swiss attire and being given all of the finest amenities.


It all ended when air travel made trains a thing of the past and the hotels failed to keep up with the times.  Today the lodges are still just as grand as they were, but many of the
iconic features are long gone as is the five star service and staff.

This hotel even had a waterfall inside surrounded by a spiral staircase that would lead down to the ballroom. Now all you see is just the gift shop and there is no sign of the waterfall or the staircase anywhere but in the historic photo walls. Back in the early days, guests used to be taken to the various peaks and lakes on horseback. You still have
that option, but most of the time you will have to hike there yourself.


The rooms at the Many Glacier Hotel are very basic. But this was early 20th century high luxury. We would advise the family suite if you need to stay more than a couple of nights.


The view from the hotel’s restaurant are great.  Can’t beat a view like this.


A historic fireplace.
Lake Shelbourne with Mommy and Emma


At Swiftcurrent Lake


Horses from atop a hill
Big Wave.
The Many Glacier Webcam near the roof top of that small cabin.  You can view it live here.

Parking at the Many Glacier is difficult due to hikers that go to nearby trails. You do have to do a small walk up a hill just to get to the hotel from the parking lot.


This area is the lower level of the hotel. Today they have concerts and a small coffee shop there. We loved hanging around this area on days where we didn’t have much to do, or when we were too tired to go out.




Beautiful sunset.  The view from this hotel is unbeatable. It’s truly the best hotel for views.  There’s other hotels outside the park with better amenities, wifi and all the convenience of modern living – but nothing compares to coming home to one’s room after a long day hike and not having to drive back to your hotel.  The views are phenomenal and if you love landscape photography or just want to chill after your day up at Grinell, this hotel is the place.

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