The Destination – Avalanche Lake, Montana


Just before you enter Avalanche Lake, you see the end of Avalanche Creek.  Behind these mountains is Hidden Lake, another magnificent sight. These mountains were scrapped by a glacier thousands of feet high during the last glaciation.  You can almost see the glacial teeth marks.


It is difficult to grasp scale the valley that contains Avalanche Lake.  The lake itself is at the foot of another hanging valley which is home to the magnificent Sperry Glacier.

Surrounding this valley are three or four waterfalls that are at least 1000 to 2000 feet tall. You cannot see Sperry Glacier from this location, however you can easily visualize the much larger ancient glacier that created this place.


We could not help but to think that if T-Rex were still around, this may very well be the place where you’ll find one and it would not look out of place.

Avalanche Lake has a mesmerizing view and an enjoyable hike.




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