St. Mary Valley, Montana

St. Mary’s Visitor’s center

Due to the Reynolds Creek Fire, we could not cross the ‘Going to the Sun Road’ as we planned for this vacation. But the St. Mary’s Visitor Center was open though for visitors.

This is the best visitor center in the park. It features great historic presentations and a lot of interactive stations.


Enjoying the visitor center. All smiles for mommy and daddy

The fire burned and closed the east side of the going to the sun road.  It opened about four days after we had to return. We never saw the road from the east side. We now have an excuse to return someday to see it.

The fire – Reynolds Creek Fire of 2015





St. Mary’s Lodge



One of the very few mercantile in the area.

We had a late lunch at St. Mary’s Lodge restaurant and this was my favorite restaurant so far during our trip.


nomnomnom no picky eaters here

We couldn’t go back to it due to scheduling issues but we definitively plan to return here. We will probably stay here a few nights since it is so close to the east side of the going to the sun road.

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